Our Residential Electricians Strive To Provide Solutions That Add Value To Your Home

Hi, I’m James Holloman, Service Manager at US Electric in Richmond, VA. I’d like to share some ways U.S. Electric improves the value of your home and makes life better.

Whether your home is Tudor style, English colonial, bungalow, or something else entirely, you want to at least keep if not increase the value of your home. If your house’s outer façade shows wood, stone or brick, it doesn’t say anything about the condition of the wiring inside. Regardless of the style or construction, the wiring inside is important for the value of your house. How can electrical help, you ask?

Circuit Breaker Panel:
The Source of All Power

It’s a good idea to have your trusted US electrician check the circuit breaker panel. This is important because it’s the main source of power for your entire home.

Having an up-to-date circuit breaker ensures that your home is safe. If anything trips the breaker, your electrical items will stay intact. It also improves the value of the home. If a buyer is looking at a house with an updated breaker panel and one without, he or she will choose the updated one, hands down. Your higher asking price will be justified as well. Contact us for a free estimate.

Home Automation

Anything can be automated nowadays. You can cue your lights to come on before you get home which makes your ride home much more welcoming. Or they could turn on at a certain time (like before sunset) to ensure that your home is safe from intruders. The cool part is that electricity can be cued by sound, motion or timer. If you have a dark corner by your garage, we can install a motion-triggered light in that area so you know if there’s an unwanted stranger lurking like a raccoon or an unfamiliar person.

For the Tech Savvy Electrical Customer

Some of you already know how this works. You have an app on your phone that turns on a light in your dining room. But when it comes to a larger home or coordinating a set of lights, US Electric is the one to call. We specialize in home automation along with many other residential services. A house needs to be wired for automation; it doesn’t just happen magically. Give us a call to see if your home needs special wiring.

For Those on the Electrical Fence

Some people are intimidated by automation which is understandable. Sometimes with all this new technology, it’s hard to keep track. If you are feeling unsure, I suggest you start small. Think about what might help you in your daily routine. Is it a pain when you come home and can’t see the lock on the front door and you’re constantly fiddling with your keys? We can install a motion-triggered light to help you out. Do you spend a lot of time wondering whether you closed the garage door? We can automate that for you.

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Saving Money

If you have that family member who never seems to remember to turn the lights off, then automation could save you money. You never have to worry about the lights staying on and you’ll also feel good about being nice to the environment by conserving resources. And if and when you decide to sell your home, it’ll be more attractive to buyers.

Improvements for a Better Quality of Life

Everyone knows you call an electrician if something’s broken. But what if your home just needs improvement? Electricity changes with the times just like everything else. The outdoor post lights from 1998 may not look or function very well anymore. Or maybe you don’t have any driveway lights at all and every night (especially in the winter), you pull up to your house in the dark wondering what’s lurking in your driveway’s abyss. Our team specializes in lighting upgrades and home automation. Feel free to contact us to discuss your plans.

rainy and slippery driveway at dusk with beautiful home

Lighting Upgrades

There are infinite possibilities when it comes to lighting upgrades and multiple places to put them. When you make an upgrade, you’ll certainly need an electrician. We all want our light fixtures to be practical AND match our home’s style. Beautiful light fixtures can make a huge difference in how your home feels. And when you come home to uplifting light, it lifts your spirit.

Of course, when doing a major upgrade in your home, it can be stressful. US Electric takes pride in being one of the Richmond area electricians who provide a professional and courteous experience along with efficient service. For example, when Amanda G. had a bathroom lighting outage emergency, I traveled to Williamsburg especially to help her out. Not to brag, but she said I “treated this call with great professionalism.” Our customers love how we treat them like our own family. To read more, check out our reviews.

If you need advice, feel free to call me, James, for a free consultation. I’ll let you know what upgrades suit your home and what gives you the most value.