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Hi, I’m James Holloman, Service Manager at US Electric, your trusted Electrician in Richmond, VA.

I’d like to share some ways that my colleagues and I can make your life better.

It’s Either a Hurricane or an Ice Storm…


Virginia weather can be unpredictable.

It can be scary during a storm, whether it’s a hurricane in the summer or an ice storm in the winter. In Richmond and throughout Central Virginia, there’s also the time in between seasons when who knows what’s going to happen to knock out your electricity.

Enduring sweltering heat or shivering in the freezing cold can bring on a host of problems.  Overall health and safety are the most important items to consider when the power goes out. Being prepared is key.

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The Most Important Thing To Consider – Generators Save Lives

Generator is to keep your love ones’ life-saving equipment up and running. Imagine having your grandmother or great-uncle visiting for the holidays and the electricity goes out. They are left without their breathing machine. What do you do? It becomes an emergency situation. Be proactive and schedule a generator installation. You’ll save yourself the stress and anxiety. And everyone in your family will stay happy and healthy.

A Generator Will Keep You Comfy

That’s why you need a generator. An extra sweater or coat can help for awhile but over an extended time without heat, homes can get pretty cold.  Additionally, we can take the heat for only so long. A generator will keep your home comfortable when you would otherwise feel more vulnerable to the elements. And it will keep you from booking an area hotel room, if you can find one.


What’s The First Thing You Do When You Hear A Major Storm Is On The Way.

Many will make a run to the grocery store to stock the fridge, especially when snow is on the way. Depending on the size of your family, this can be a costly proposition. Stock without fear for your fridge and freezer.

For valuable advice on what kind of generator to buy or how we can install yours, Get The Fix: 804-353-4928.

-James Holloman, Residential Service Manager
US Electric, The One to Trust