“US Electric Provides a Safe Home for Your Family”

Hi, I’m James Holloman, Service Manager at US Electric, your trusted Electrician in Richmond, VA.
Here are some ways that my colleagues and I can make your life safer & better.

Our homes should be more than beautiful, organized, clean, and health. They also need to be safe. Keeping our homes safe can save us money on personal property loss, insurance premiums and protect your family from injuries. A home safety check is a relative short investment in time, but it will give you peace of mind for months.

Safety Regular Maintenance Items

  • Inspect and clean dryer’s vents.
  • Check to make sure smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in proper working condition.
  • Check all doors and screen door handles and locks and window locks to ensure proper working condition.
  • Make sure staircases are well lit, and kept clutter free.
  • Check handrails on steps and other areas.
  • Check condition of exterior steps and walkways, (loose bricks, cracked wooden steps.)
  • Test fire extinguishers.
  • Start gas generator.
  • Check to make sure all emergency supplies are in working order. Test batteries on flashlights and radio.
  • Check outdoor lighting.
  • Check poisonous harmful material areas for safe storage. Possible areas include: under sink, garage, tool shed, bathroom, laundry room, pantry, and others storage areas.
  • Clean oven, oven’s vent and hood.
  • Feel outlets around the house for heat. If you detect an abnormally warm outlet, shut off the circuit and have then checked by an electrician.
  • Safety and Insurance Premium Savings.

Items such as deadbolt locks and smoke detectors often bring discounts of 5% each, depending on the company. Your Insurance Company may also offer a significant discount of 15% or 20% if you install a sophisticated home-security system. If you’re thinking about buying such a system, check with your insurer to see which systems they recommend and which will earn you a discount… And be sure to ask about other things you can do to lower your premium.

Miscellaneous Safety ideas

  • Have telephones in easy access, and keep emergency numbers on them.
  • Teach all adults and children in the household how to “stop, drop and roll” if their clothes catch in fire.
  • Make sure handles on cookware are secure. Be sure to always turn handles toward the center of the stove when cooking.
  • Always clean appliances and surfaces after cooking to prevent grease build up. Remember the exhaust hood and air filters.
  • Run electrical cords along the wall, not under rugs.
  • Don’t overload outlets and extensions cords.
  • Close cabinet doors and drawers when they are not in use.
  • Have two first-aid kits. Keep one in your home and one in your car.
  • Use a step stool instead of a chair to climb to a high place.
  • Wipe up grease or liquid spills immediately.
  • Never wear loose clothing while cooking.