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Residential & Commercial Electrical Contrctors.

About U.S. Electric


U.S. Electric was started by David Madren, a master electrician, in 1989 to serve the electrical needs of central Virginia. The company serves the community with its expertise in the residential and commercial electrical fields. We are dedicated to maintaining our reputation as a good neighbor who is always available to help those in need. U.S Electric has trained over 100 electricians through our apprenticeship program. Taking young aspiring electricians right out of high school and providing them with the opportunity to become licensed electricians. A Chesterfield County maintenance manager and a Henrico County electrical inspector were groomed under the supervision of U.S Electric. We pride ourselves in the expansion of knowledge to the next generation of society.

Our Location

The #1-night spot and public event location in the 1980’s, the building most commonly known as The Crystal Pistol and Little Texas has been reborn into US Electric’s corporate headquarters. With an eye for nostalgia, a full renovation of the building has been designed around the formerly loved night club’s vibe. The cages are still hanging above our lobby and the iconic Crystal Pistol door handles now welcome our guests into our conference room Conveniently located on Staples Mill Rd in Henrico County, just a short distance to Chesterfield, Mechanicsville and the City of Richmond to serve our community.

Our Service

At U.S. Electric, we realize that a happy customer is the best advertisement a company could ever ask for. Almost half of our projects are acquired through repeat business and most of the remaining projects are obtained through referrals from customers.

Our People

Our electricians are equipped with decades of experience in the electrical industry. Their level of professionalism, skill and courtesy allow our customers to feel the neighborly care to serve our community’s electrical needs.

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