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Commercial Generator Maintenance In Richmond

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Commercial generator maintenance is crucial for preventing breakdown and helping the machine function for many years after its purchase. Regular generator maintenance services will help you determine the necessary repairs before the system becomes inefficient or unusable. As your generators age, routine maintenance becomes even more imperative to extend your units’ lifespan.

At U.S. Electric, we offer generator maintenance, repairs, and monitoring for various industries, such as:

  • Data Centers
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Grocery Stores
  • Municipality
  • Nursing Homes
  • Warehouses
  • And more!

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General Generator Maintenance Services

Industrial generator maintenance services can minimize wear-and-tear and other damages to your system. The U.S. Electric Annual Generator Maintenance guarantees the following services.

Battery Inspection

We will ensure that your battery’s connections are tight and clean to prevent failure. We also run the battery for a few minutes to ensure it’s operating properly.

Belt Check

Over time, the belts running the fan and alternator can warp, crack, and produce odd sounds. If we detect this issue, we will replace them.

Checking of the Fuel Levels and Oil Leaks

U.S. Electric can check your fuel levels, inspect for oil leaks, and monitor your generator’s run times to determine how often you need to refill it. This process can preserve your fuel filters.

Complete Generator Inspection

We perform a visual inspection of all commercial generators to determine if we need to repair anything. We can replace worn-out parts to prevent further breakdown. U.S. Electric also offers load bank testing to ensure your generator runs at its rated capacity.

Cooling System Inspection

By checking your cooling system, we can prevent your generator from overheating. We can check the coolant level, refill, or flush it as necessary.

Filter Inspection

With repeated use, the filters collect excessive dirt and dust that can damage your engine. We can inspect, clean, and replace your air filter.

Oil Change

Oil loses its effectiveness as it deteriorates, which can make your backup power run less smoothly than desired. Our annual generator maintenance plan includes an oil change.

With all of these preventative measures from U.S. Electric, you’ll be able to keep your generator running for longer and prevent a major failure.

How Often Should a Generator Be Serviced?

Even if you don’t use it often, you will need your generator serviced at least annually. Ideally, you would enroll in twice a year preventative maintenance programs. U.S. Electric offers commercial generator services and emergency repairs to accommodate your power needs.

A monthly load test of at least 30% of the rated load is required in some applications, using the building load or load banks, so you may need more frequent services.

Signs That You Need a New Generator

An industrial diesel generator can last between 10,000 and 30,000 hours, depending on how you care for it. With high-quality fuel, preventative maintenance, and proper sizing for your space, you can have backup power for decades.

But you may need to replace your generator if it frequently breaks down and requires repair. Additionally, if you’ve had it for over a decade, it runs poorly, you need more power than it can provide, or you experience frequent power failures, it may be time to consider a new unit. Different buildings vary in power requirements, so you may need a new generator to accommodate the greater need.

Keeping your generator clean and getting annual industrial generator services will extend its lifespan. U.S. Electric’s services improve its power so you can use it on a whim. We can also help you determine the state of your current generator and keep you aware of any potential problems coming down the line. Give us a call today to schedule your generator maintenance in Richmond!

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