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Parking Lot Lighting

Parking Lot Lighting Installation Service

Today, a well lit parking lot is a necessity in all commercial establishments. Having a well-lit space makes customers and staff feel safe when they’re coming and going. Good lighting also reflects positively on your business and shows customers that you care. 

As you know, poor visibility can result in safety problems like car accidents and may even attract criminals who break into cars. Don’t take the risk with your business. Call us for help installing, maintaining, or repairing your parking lot lights. 

At U.S. Electric, our electricians can help you replace burned out bulbs, fix wiring issues, install new lights, fix poorly lit sections of your lot, and help you save money in the process. 

Fixing these issues protects your business reputation and prioritizes the safety of your customers. Most importantly, with brighter lights, your surveillance system will capture better images. Call our expert team now at U.S. Electric for a quote or to schedule a consultation today. 

Parking Lot Lighting Repair

All parking lots should have regular light repairs and maintenance. Our Richmond electricians have you covered—from wiring issues to burned out or damaged lights. Let us fix your lights, so your customers and employees feel safe. We’re the most trusted electrical company in the Virginia area. Further, we guarantee all of our work.

LED Lighting For Commercial Parking Lots

LED light bulbs are powerful, cost-saving, and energy-efficient. They also don’t have mercury or other hazardous substances in them which makes them better for the environment. Moreover, it uses 50% less electricity and bulbs last up to 6 years making repairs much more infrequent.

LED lights can tolerate the widest range of temperatures compared to other lighting options. Unlike traditional lighting, LEDs are not affected by cold temperatures. In fact, the cooler the surroundings, the greater the LED light’s output. It also has better color rendering as it doesn’t wash out like other bulbs.

If you want to lessen your electric bills and use an environmentally friendly option, convert to LED lighting. Call us now for a quote on installation or repair. Our certified technicians are ready to assist you today.

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At U.S. Electric, our goal is to improve the safety of your business. Our reliable team offers quality lighting installation, maintenance, and most other electrical services. We also have the best technology and professionals that know what they’re doing. Call us today for a quote and guaranteed electrical services.

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