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Many of us are confined to our homes right now due to the coronavirus. As a result, we’re spending more time fixing up our homes. And since you’re home all the time, you’re probably noticing that flickering porch light a little more these days. But you might be wondering which service industries you can call? 

Fortunately, in Richmond, Virginia, you can call us. Electricians, plumbers, pool services, and many other home services are still up and running. Electrical services are considered essential because of the fact that electrical issues need to be addressed for both your safety and the safety of your neighbors. When electrical issues aren’t handled, they can potentially cause fire hazards, you run the risk of electrocution, and a whole host of other bad things can result from unsolved electrical problems. 

You might be wondering why electricians are essential. It’s due to what the Whitehouse calls America’s “critical infrastructure workforce”. This includes a variety of industries deemed critical to maintaining the safety and sanitation of the United States for normal operation. The document also outlines the essential workers that are required to use specialized risk management strategies. 

At U.S. Electric, we practice safety in everything we do. As electricians, we have to pay attention at all times because we work with electricity. But we carry that even further now with the pandemic. We always practice social distancing, wear masks, and ensure all of our staff are in tip-top shape before they come to work. If you need help with your electrical problems in or around Richmond, no matter what they are, give us a call. We have the experience and the team to take care of any problem large or small.

If you’re working on home projects right now that require an electrician in Richmond, VA, call U.S. Electric for affordable, prompt, and professional service.