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A smoke detector is one of the most important safety devices in our homes. Around 95% of US homes have smoke detectors installed. They’re essential when it comes to protecting us from fires.

Smoke detectors help prevent deaths. It has been found that 40% of residential fire deaths happen in homes without smoke alarms. Having smoke detectors to alert you may save your life.

Nothing is more annoying than a smoke detector beeping at night! But don’t take it off the wall – read on to find out why it is beeping and how to stop it!

Where To Install Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors should be in the hallways outside of bedrooms and inside bedrooms. In multi-level houses, you should have at least one per level. New homes require the smoke detectors to be interconnected, which triggers all detectors to go off if there is a fire.

Reasons Why Your Smoke Detectors Beep at Night

Several things cause smoke detectors to beep at night including old detectors, old batteries, and temperature changes in a room with an alarm. 

close-up of a smoke detector's battery

Need To Change the Batteries

When the battery is low in a smoke detector, it will chirp at you to let you know. The simplest fix is to replace the batteries! 

Your Smoke Detector Is Old

Outdated alarms tend to malfunction. They may go off without smoke or fire present.

You should change your smoke detector at least once every ten years. As the smoke detector gets older, it’ll beep more often.

Test your smoke detector frequently to ensure it still works.

Get your smoke alarm inspected by a professional from US Electric. We can replace it before the beeping starts to disturb your sleep!

The Room Temperature Dropped

Many smoke alarms use alkaline batteries, powered by a reaction between zinc metal and manganese dioxide. This reaction is affected by air temperatures. Both cold and heat negatively impact battery performance, draining them, which can lead to the smoke detector battery alarm going off in your smoke detector.

How To Reduce the Possibility of Smoke Detectors Beeping at Night?

Is your smoke detector outdated? Both battery and hardwired smoke detectors have the same lifespan and should be replaced every ten years. Consider replacing your carbon monoxide detector at the same time.

Replace the batteries in your alarms and test them regularly. We recommend testing them weekly.

When you need your smoke detectors checked, repaired, or replaced, contact us as US Electric for help!

US Electric: Smoke Detector Repair & Installation Experts

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If you’ve changed the batteries, your detector is new, and there isn’t a temperature issue, call US Electric! We have years of experience installing smoke detectors and always follow the legal and safety guidelines.

Local customers trust our fully licensed, experienced, and insured electricians to carry out their smoke detector needs. We can check, repair, or replace smoke detectors to keep you and your family safe.
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