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An electrical panel, or a fuse box, controls the power supply and where the electricity goes in your home. While an electrical panel should last about twenty-five years, modern electricity needs are demanding more of power systems causing more wear and tear.

Are you wondering if your electrical panel needs repair or replacement? Here’s how to tell.

How Long Does an Electrical Panel Last?

Old electrical panels raise your risk of an electrical fire. They should last around 30-50 years, but as our electrical needs grow year over year, you may need to replace your panel.

We advise a regular inspection of your panel. This will ensure it is still working and is not a fire hazard.

5 Signs That Your Electrical Panel Needs a Repair or Replacement

There are a few signs that your electrical panel needs a repair or replacement. These include issues with your circuit breaker panel, flickering lights, old panels, and an electrical panel that is hot or smells odd.

Circuit Breaker Failure

A circuit breaker interrupts the electrical flow or breaks the circuit when it detects the electrical current is too strong.

However, a circuit breaker may fail. When this happens, it does not stop the electrical current’s flow when it is supposed to. Circuit breaker failure does not often require you to replace your electrical panel. Contact us so we can assess the situation and help keep you safe.

Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

electrician resetting circuit breakter

If your circuit breaker regularly trips, it may be an issue with the breaker, your home’s wiring, or the fuse box.

When your breaker trips, you can typically reset it to resolve the issue. If it trips often, it is a sign you need to get an inspection to determine what the problem is.

Our licensed electricians can check it out for you. Call now for an inspection!

Dimming or Flickering Lights

If your lights flicker or dim while an appliance is on, it is a sign that you do not have the amperage to match your electricity usage. If your appliances seem laggy, it may be time for a fuse box replacement.

Outdated Electrical Panel Design

an outdated electrical panel design

Outdated electrical panels use fuses instead of circuit breakers, which are far less effective at protecting you and your house. A fuse can only stop an overload of electricity once because they typically melt to stop it.

Older homes had only 60 or 100 amperage, which is considerably less than a modern home is wired with. You need to replace the panel to upgrade from fuses to circuit breakers or to increase your power capacity.

Warm Electrical Panel or a Slight Burning Smell From It

If your fuse box is hot or has a burning smell, you likely have a serious problem at hand. These both indicate that something is burning inside. Charring is a sign of fire, and rust is a sign of water damage. These may both cause an odd burning smell.

If your electrical panel is hot when you touch it or if there is a burning smell, contact an electrical expert right away!

Electrical Panel Repair or Replacement? We Got You!

You may have a serious safety issue if your electrical panel isn’t in its best condition. Our experienced electricians will assess your situation to determine if you need to upgrade or repair your electrical panel.
For safe and dependable electrical services, trust the experts from US Electric and contact us today!