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If you already have a home AC system, should you add a ceiling fan?

Both help you regulate your home’s temperature, but there are a few differences. AC units cost an average of $.03 per hour to run compared to the ceiling fan’s cost of $.01. Additionally, ceiling fans move air in ways AC systems cannot.

Ceiling fans are an excellent supplement to your home AC system, helping lower your energy bills and more. Here’s a closer look:

Why Install a Ceiling Fan Even If You Already Have AC

There are several benefits to adding a ceiling fan in addition to your air conditioning system:

They are Useful Year-Round

In the summer, a ceiling fan can lower the temperature inside a home by about four to five degrees. In the winter, a reversible ceiling fan helps move hot air down into a room without increasing the wind chill.

Helps Lower Energy Costs

a black ceiling fan against a wooden cathedral ceiling

Running the fan instead of the AC helps you lower energy costs. Estimates show ceiling fans create savings of about 10% on your annual air conditioning bills. Additionally, a recirculating fan can lower your heating bills by up to 15%.

Helps With the Cooling Work, Meaning Lesser Burden for the AC

Ceiling fans reduce the workload required for the AC system. If you set the thermostat about five degrees higher than normal, a ceiling fan will make up the difference. When fewer demands are placed on the air conditioning system, it will last longer.

Helps Add an Aesthetic Appeal to the Room

The right ceiling fan can add style to your room. Available in a range of designs and colors, it’s easy to find one to complement your existing décor. Many ceiling fans also include light fixtures, allowing even more design options.

Helps Improve Air Quality

a white ceiling fan spinning

Ceiling fans provide quick relief from common indoor air pollutants. If you burn some food in the kitchen, a ceiling fan will clear away smoke faster than a range hood alone. Even when not removing strong smells, many people find the airflow refreshing.

They are Flexible

Ceiling fans fit well in practically any room in your house. They can help reduce odors in the kitchen, regulate the temperature in a large living room, promote restful sleep in the bedroom, and more. They’re beneficial in rooms that have HVAC vents and those without.

Why Hire Pros to Install Your Ceiling Fan

To ensure your ceiling fan operates efficiently and safely, you should have it installed by professional electricians. There are several benefits to hiring pros:

  • Safe Wiring Work – Faulty wiring can cause fires and other home accidents. A professional will ensure your fan is connected safely to your home’s electrical system.
  • Secure Attachment – A professional will ensure your fan is securely attached to your ceiling and will stay in place when the motor operates at high speeds.  
  • No-Risk of Electrocution – Installing a fan yourself poses a serious risk of electrical injury.
  • Perfect Placement – A professional installer will craft a ceiling box designed to fit your specific fan. They’ll also connect the fan to a switch or pull chain.  
  • Protects Your Ceiling – DIY installation increases the risk of accidentally damaging your ceiling.
  • Cost-Efficient – Professional installation typically helps homeowners save money and time.

Installing a Ceiling Fan? We Can Help!

an electrician installs a ceiling fan

A ceiling fan works great with your home AC system, helping reduce energy costs by four to eight percent. Take the worry and complexity out of installing a ceiling fan by turning to the professional services of U.S. Electrical. Our expert team understands all the necessary electrical codes, steps, and requirements to mount, balance, and install your ceiling fan.For all of your commercial and residential electrical needs, U.S Electric has got your back! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.