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Keeping your family safe is probably one of your top priorities. Many homeowners don’t realize that their electrical systems can become a source of danger without proper maintenance.

Thankfully, preventing fire hazards and other electrical issues is easy. Read on to learn more about five simple safety electrical upgrades you can make to keep your family safe.

Electrical Safety Upgrade #1: Home Standby-Generator

Outages are a costly issue. They cost a total of $70 billion each year to the U.S. economy, and experts believe blackouts will become more frequent as temperatures continue to rise.

A home standby generator can power all your important appliances during an outage. It’s a convenient option for keeping the lights on and cooking meals, but it can also keep your family safe by powering your AC on hot summer days if the power goes out.

On average, a household uses over 10,000 kWh each year. Your home might consume more or less, and it’s possible to find a generator adapted to the size of your home and your unique needs.

Electrical Safety Upgrade #2: Tamper-Resistant Outlets

a closeup of a plug in an electrical outlet

Removable outlet covers can prevent children and even pets from hurting themselves with electrical outlets. Tamper-resistant outlets are a more permanent solution to keep young children safe. They’re also safer since you won’t have to worry about children removing the cover, which can turn into a choking hazard. Plus, it’s easy to forget to put the cap back on when the outlet is not in use.

Tamper-resistant outlets have built-in shutters that prevent children from sticking their fingers or inserting objects into the outlets.

Electrical Safety Upgrade #3: Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Outlets (GFCIs) and Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) Circuit Breakers

These two simple electrical components will make your home safer.


GFCI or Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters trip circuits automatically when they detect a surge in the electrical current. These interrupters can prevent electrical incidents and even save your life. The adoption of GFCIs in the 70s resulted in electrocution numbers dropping by 83%.

Professional electricians often install GFCI electrical outlets outdoors and in areas where exposure to water is possible, including your kitchen and bathroom.


An AFCI or Arc-fault circuit interrupter can detect arcing currents. Arcing currents are safety hazards that can result in electrical fires.

An AFCI can detect the presence of dangerous arcing conditions, for instance, if there is damage to insulation inside of a junction box or electrical panel. 

AFCIs are a requirement for some circuits, and professional electricians typically install them throughout the house, except in the bathroom and kitchen.

Electrical Safety Upgrade #4: Structured Wirings

More homeowners are embracing the smart home trend. There are now over 258 million smart homes globally.

Structured wiring is an electrical upgrade that can facilitate the adoption of smart home products and technology. With structured wiring, a cabling infrastructure provides power and connectivity for different devices throughout your home.

You should also consider wiring upgrades if you have an older home. Aluminum wiring can also cause fires and call for replacement. Burying electrical power lines makes your home safer.

Electrical Safety Upgrade #5: Dual Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Alarms

Carbon monoxide can result from the incomplete combustion of fuels. If you have gas-powered appliances in your home, you need carbon monoxide detectors.

You can also have dual carbon monoxide/smoke alarms installed. These alarms use a CO sensor and smoke detectors to alert you. 

Planning Electrical Safety Upgrades? We Can Help!

These five upgrades are a simple way of making your home safer. It’s best to have a professional with the right knowledge, tools, and experience install these different upgrades.U.S. Electric has a team of certified electricians who can help you make your home safer. Give us a call today to get a quote for your project!