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If your lights are turning on and off by themselves, chances are it isn’t a ghost. There are many common reasons why this is happening. It may be a simple, easy fix. However, it is possible there could be a significant problem with your electricity. Either way, an electrician is the best professional to get you some answers. 

Reasons Lights Turn On and Off: Should I Be Worried

A light turning on and off by itself is not a common occurrence. However, there are some common reasons that lights turn on and off by itself.

a man screws a lightbulb into a lamp

A Large Appliance Is On

Turning on a large appliance will instantly increase electrical demand. The sudden increase can cause the lights to dim, if only for a moment. There is nothing to be worried about as it is part of the standard demand of the current.

Defective Bulb or Fixture

If the light flickering on and off is confined to a single source, the fixture itself could be faulty. Be careful, as a frayed or damaged electrical cord may throw sparks. This is a fire hazard, so check the light fixture in question.

Stormy Weather

Stormy weather can affect the power grid wherever you live. Weather can cause brief interruptions in the power supply causing the lights in your home to flicker on and off. Surge protectors or a backup power supply can help to mitigate the issue. 

Problem With the Electrical Connections

Problems with electrical connections which cause the lights to flicker on and off are concerning. If you have concluded this to be the likely cause contact an electrician. A professional should correct this issue.  

This is a hazardous job that needs to be done correctly and safely in a manner that will last.

Other Potential Reasons

an electrician holds an old wire connection

A few other issues could be the reason for the flickering lights:

  • Power supply issues
  • Overheating or too much heat
  • Poor bulb quality
  • Bulb socket problem

These are all common problems that can cause lights to flicker on and off. A problem with the bulb may result from the wrong bulb for the socket, with different ratings. Power supply issues or a poor connection will cause issues. These problems can also create complications with excess heat.

U.S. Electric Professional Lighting Services

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Lights Turning On and off by Themselves

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If your lights are still turning on and off and you have ruled out the minor issues, it is time to call an electrician. With more than 30 years of experience, our team at U.S. Electric will diagnose and fix the problem and prevent costly electrical work in the future. Schedule an electrical inspection with us today!